Why, How, What?

At StorygemsMedia, we believe that the most persuasive tool is your core ’why.’Why have you chosen this business? What do you love about it and how does it represent your base values and vision? Your why may be an esoteric statement that perhaps doesn’t mention your business at all; it will, however, always convey what has driven you to create a business to bring your idea to the world. Very basic yet extremely powerful.

First we ask Why. We ask questions, we listen, we talk. Why are you in your business? Why do you care about this? And why will your core principles make people care about you?

Next, is the How.

How can your company speak to people’s hearts and minds? How does what you have to offer really matter? How will becoming your client change someone’s business or personal life for the better?

And finally, What

What exactly is it that you will provide to your clients to help them become more productive, more satisfied, more successful? What is it that makes you better, more knowledgeable, more fun, and easier to work with?

Most of us at StorygemsMedia have solid experience in advertising. We have been in the business for decades and have worked with some of the most creative minds in the industry. Our multi-tiered skillset in advertising and the digital world has given us a bird’s eye view of what strategies work in creating success.

Any credible company worth considering has to have an Internet strategy. Maybe that sounds a bit extreme but more than anything, in today’s market, a diverse strategy connects you with all the different segments of your target market. It’s not just about selling or creating a beautiful website or posting on Facebook every day. It’s about the incredible power of what the internet offers and speaks to — the technical, intellectual, and emotional pieces that work together to build a visible and successful company.