Who are we, you ask?

StorygemsMedia is a Bay Area web design and new media company that focuses on website development, video, business strategies, social media, basically, all things digital.

A website is today’s business card. People want to know more about you than merely your contact information; they want to know who you are, what you do and why you do it. Your site presents your business with its best foot forward, featuring what separates you from others in your industry, and offers users a compelling and measurable call to action.

This is our Why

At StorygemsMedia, we believe that the most persuasive tool is your core ’why’. Why have you chosen this business? What do you love about it and how does it represent your base values and vision? Your why may be an esoteric statement that perhaps doesn’t mention your business at all; it will, however, always convey what has driven you to create a business to bring your idea to the world. Very basic yet extremely powerful.

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Once Upon A Time

Our company began 8 years ago as a Bay Area web design company in Northern California, when a website was nothing more than a basic informational site where you could get a name, address, and phone number. As technology has evolved, so have we.

We are a team of high-level Internet Creative Strategists, with extensive backgrounds in design, content, graphics, video, and most of all, ideas and imagination. We have a passion for matching our experience and skill with the needs of our clients

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Our Team

At StorygemsMedia, we have a core of people dedicated to the big problem solving of why and how we create our clients sites. Because there are many ways to skin that proverbial cat, we have a stable of talented people ready to fire up their computers when you are ready to go forward with your project. We pride ourselves on finding the right team for your project.

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Our clients rave. No kidding. They tell us all the time how much we saved them. They could never have done without us. We love hearing that. Aside from the fact that we love what we are doing, it’s just the cherry on our icing. While trying to be modest, we wanted to share some of what others have said about us.

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