May I Have Your Card?

A website is today’s digital business card. It is how you put your story into words. Our websites tell a story in a professional, eye-catching, and thought-provoking way. We know how important it is for you to have your site reflect who you are.

Even the most fabulous design needs a well-executed development process to be viable. We will craft whatever it is that will set you apart from the pack. You can spend lots of your hard-earned money with a website designer at this stage, but if the architecture is not well thought out, if the user-experience is not intuitive and functional, you will not have spent your money wisely. We are in a climate where the consumer has so much information at their fingertips; it is more important than ever that you illustrate your brand with honesty and authenticity. When a user visits your site, they have to encounter not only coherent copy and a pleasant design but they should get who you are and why you do what you do.

StorygemsMedia places a high value on the user-experience. This premise is constantly in the forefront throughout the technical development process. We conduct focus groups and several layers of analysis trials to gather real information from real people. The wise use of this material will help you (and us) understand how to create the right relationship with your client. Time is spent contemplating, evaluating, and planning your strategy. We lay the groundwork for sustainable relationships.

We are consummate storytellers. Using the internet is a powerful way to tell your story and market your company.  Convey your attitude and success to your users, in every place you present yourself — whether it’s your website, Twitter or on Facebook pages, mission statements, customer/client reviews, service, and product descriptions, news releases, blogs — they’re all part of your story.

A great website is more than simply good design and well-written content, it’s about a successful presence.