See it, Feel it, Believe it

There is nothing more compelling than video on a website. When properly indexed, video has become the content that rises to the top of the search engines. Whether you want a short corporate piece describing what your company is all about or a clip describing a specific product or service, promoting your company through the use of video on your website is a natural boost to your brand identity.


Video is everywhere. These days, the stats point to the power of video and how people actually prefer to watch rather than read.  Incorporating video is a tool to keep your users more fully engaged and on your site longer than the average viewing time.

Some impressive statistics about online video:

  • 175 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in September for an average of 14.4 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in more than 5.2 billion viewing sessions during the course of the month (Source: ComScore Oct, 2010)
  • People are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube
  • 60% of all web traffic comes from online videos (Forrester)
  • A video in Google’s index is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page
  • A video has the ability to track high-level statistics in real-time
  • Quality production get a 50% higher chance of getting user to click call to action
  • 68% of the Top 50 Internet Retailers use video on their websites (Forrester Research)
  • Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property with 144.2 million unique views (ComScore, Oct 2010)
  • The average American watches 4.5 hours of TV per day and spends 8.5 hours a day looking at screens.
  • Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

The purpose of using video is to grab the viewer’s attention, state your benefits, build credibility, and urge them to take action. There are many types of videos we can produce; we will guide you in choosing exactly the right one for your site.

We have a long history of experience creating videos for a wide variety of clients. Our team of filmmakers creates engaging videos of any length and complexity. Through our expertise we   identify the right video opportunity for your site. Perhaps you can use video to increase your sales, or have your users learn how to use your product or service, effectively decreasing the amount of time you need to spend on the phone. You can create a whole new revenue stream by selling your video online. And on and on.

But perhaps the most powerful way to leverage online video is through the “new media” approach. Build a loyal audience by providing them with free, useful content on a regular basis. Video podcasts are the perfect example.

Web video is not out of your reach. In fact, web video is still in its infancy and you haven’t missed the boat. It is, however, moving at a speedy pace (like all of digital technology). If there ever was a perfect time to get involved, that time is now.

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