SEO + SEM = STG (Substantial Traffic Generation)

One of today’s most effective tools for driving customers to your website is Search Engine Marketing. You’ve probably heard the terms “search engine optimization” (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, just two of the components that make up Search Engine Marketing. Following is an overview of Search Engine Optimization, an effective traffic-building technique that starts with laying the groundwork, then tracking outcomes, and updating according to results:


Search Engine Optimization is the process of taking a page built by humans and making it easily consumable for both other humans and search engine robots. StorygemsMedia will help you design that strategy using expert SEO and SEM partners to ensure that every option and solution is explored.

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing area of the online environment. This landscape is currently dominated by Google, which the majority of websites rely on to deliver visitors (and paying customers) to their sites. As soon as Google makes a change to their algorithm, the entire industry is thrown into flux.

As Google tries to improve on their search results and introduce new products like Google+, the SEO industry is continually kept on their toes. With all the changes and complex elements to think about, it’s little wonder that most businesses looking for search engine optimization turn to specialists to handle their online marketing.

Our SEO experts are up-to-date on organic searches and understand the pay-per-click market. Integrated search engine marketing – combining both your pay-per-click management with your search engine optimization – has many great benefits.

Here’s some of what we can offer you:

  • Fully analyze your site and provide you with details on the areas that are not search engine friendly
  • Ensure that you fully understand what a search engine sees when they visit your site, and what elements are most important when they index and rank your pages
  • Research and develop a complete list of keywords targeted specifically for your business
  • Work with you to edit or create visible content that meets the needs of search engines while maintaining your company’s voice
  • Build a comprehensive list of directories relevant to your business that would improve your linking strategy
  • Document all of the work we perform and provide you with a final detailed evaluation and recommendations
  • Submit your site to search engines and directories
  • Monitor and measure your site’s ranking with major search engines on a regular basis.