The Process

There are many components to How we do it. One of the most important exercises we do with you right at the get-go is matching the right methodology to your project. We do not believe in overselling you to build more than your business requires. That said, we strive to develop a site that feels on-trend now and can still feel current in several years. We pride ourselves on creating sites that are classy, up-to-date, and have a personality that authentically reflects the essence of our client

  • Gather information

    First and foremost we sit down with you and get familiar with your assets (that means everything you offer) and corporate vision. We listen to what you want to accomplish. Is there a clear message about your brand? What is it? Why is it? Is there a clear “call to action”? You get the picture.

  • Ask Questions, Give Feedback, Brainstorm

    You can either fill out an online questionnaire or, if you prefer, we can meet in person to discuss your vision and project requirements. The more you can tell us about what you imagine about your website, the more seamless the process will be in the development and the better we will be able to tell your story. We will help you layout your ideas and dreams and give you a reality check on what you can expect, given the choices you make, your budget, and timeline, Our goal is for you to understand up front what it means to have a site that is both user friendly and visually pleasing while actually doing what you want it to do.

  • Investigative Research

    Our team takes research very seriously and conducts a comprehensive exploration with thoroughness, accuracy, and an analytic perspective. We look at what strategies your competition is employing, figure out what is working and what isn’t. Organic and pay-per-click keyword searches are done. Then all the information gathered is processed and so begins the formulation of your strategic marketing plan

  • Uncover Hidden Gems

    And here is one of the places where we really shine. We are inspired by both the subtle and overt qualities of your product or service that help drive your business. By digging into and identifying these important “gems” we ensure that your content and design support your brand message, product, and company vision. Time and time again, our intuition has been spot-on about what encourages a user to stay on your site. We know how to incorporate the information within a beautiful design and how to impart a clear and convincing message. (Our portfolio speaks for itself!)

  • Putting It All Together

    And finally, taking all your information into account, we create a proposal for your digital web design, including content, strategy, video, budget, and timeline. Together, we begin the process of designing, building, writing content, and collaboration.