Writers Block?

It would be naïve to overlook the importance of the written word on your site. Writing powerful web copy isn’t easy and good copy is at the core of making certain that your users will know how to navigate your site as well as get your message, loud and clear.

Most users scan, rather than read word-for-word. If you find a way to capture their interest in the first sentence and keep them interested with the second, you have a good shot at getting them to read on. They may even read the entire article if you are writing a blog. If you are building a site to promote yourself, it’s a fact that visitors are interested in what you write as least a much as what you show them visually. The problem with most web writing is that it is dreadfully boring, self-indulgent, irrelevant, not well-written, or all of the above. Some web copy sounds didactic, or the spelling and grammar are so poor that it distracts the reader from the message. The misconception about copy is that illiterate writing or substandard grammar does not have an impact and only matters if your fourth grade teacher is grading your homework. Don’t make that mistake! At StorygemsMedia, we partner with accomplished  writers with proven track records. They have good instincts about how copy is perceived when read by people of different levels of education, experience, and values. Giving your site great tag lines, sub headings, and relatable copy is one of the strongest ingredients in making it sing.