Time to Get Friendly.

Our FREE OFFER to you, no strings attached!

Take a short break and answer a few questions about your website concept. We’ll give you a 30-minute session (at no cost or obligation) to listen to your ideas and give you some expert feedback. Whether it’s a one-time meeting of the minds or a first step towards getting an estimate from us, it doesn’t cost anything to talk. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this offer???




Time to Get Friendly

Site already in progress?  Consider this: You are building a site. You’ve got a team in place and you’re all set. Great, you’re on your way. After your wireframes are completed, before implementation begins, call StorygemsMedia for an unbiased evaluation. There is nothing like a fresh pair of eyes for tweaking and putting the final touches on your site.

A two-hour consultation gets you a usability study. It provides you with an analysis of where the viewer’s eye goes on your home page, makes sure you are taking full advantage of the prime real estate on the site, follows all links to make certain that the user goes to the destination in the quickest, most direct way. We make you aware of the small details that fine tune and polish your website. Given the investment you are making in the design and development of your site, it is well worth it to have the extra look-see and get valuable, real-time feedback.

We are often called in for consultations to review a site in progress or a site that is already live; sometimes the simplest ideas can make all the difference. Perhaps adding a video, or putting a blog on your home page that you can update, is what it takes to keep your home page content fresh. Whether you’re looking to build your first website, update an existing one or want to build a brand new one altogether, all you have to do is take a few minutes, tell us what you have and what you want and we’ll give you the benefit of our expertise. More often than not, this is how we find exciting projects and great clients! Please fill out our short survey on our “Request a Quote” page and someone from our office will contact you.