Where ideas come from

We believe good ideas come from everywhere. One has only to look and listen. At StorygemsMedia, we capture those ideas and weave them into the cloth that becomes your website.

We have built full-scale web systems spanning from video-centric social applications to CMS systems. We've a web video production affiliate producing content for the internet, TV, movies and commercials - basically we can shoot just about anything that moves. With a passion for technology and media, we can handle a diverse range of projects large and small.


The Process

There are many components to How we do it. One of the most important exercises we do with you right at the get-go is matching the right methodology to your project. We do not believe in overselling you to build more than your business requires. That said, we strive to develop a site that feels on-trend now and can still feel current in several years. We pride ourselves on creating sites that are classy, up-to-date, and have a personality that authentically reflects the essence of our client.

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May I Have Your Card?

A website is today’s digital business card. It is how you put your story into words. Our websites tell a story in a professional, eye-catching, and thought-provoking way. We know how important it is for you to have your site reflect who you are.

Even the most fabulous design needs a well-executed development process to be viable. We will craft whatever it is that will set you apart from the pack. You can spend lots of your hard-earned money with a website designer at this stage, but if the architecture is not well thought out, if the user-experience is not intuitive and functional, you will not have spent your money wisely.

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Build a Map

In today’s world, an effective business strategy will make every dollar you spend on your website count. We are tireless Creative Internet Strategists working to identify the opportunities that are aligned with your company values and target market.

We will make sure your company is perceived as a well-rounded, competent organization, ready to interact with customers and meet their individual needs. Arousing your client’s curiosity is the first step to earning their business.

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See It, Feel It, Believe It

There is nothing more compelling than video on a website. When properly indexed, video has become the content that rises to the top of the search engines. Whether you want a short corporate piece describing what your company is all about or a clip describing a specific product or service, promoting your company through the use of video on your website is a natural boost to your brand identity.

Properly planned, one video shoot day can be edited to create multiple assets which is a great way to maximize your investment.    Video has the potential to keep your users engaged and on your site longer than the average viewing time and will soon be a standard part of every website.  Jump on board now- and have your site stand out.

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Let us talk about you

Small businesses are constantly looking for ways to reach potential customers, build brand awareness, and solidify loyalty. The traditional marketing platforms (direct mail, broadcast advertising, radio, etc.) still exists but to be honest, they just aren’t as effective as they once were.  In light of the evolution of digital communication., Social Media is a current marketing tool that allows you to target the folks who are interested in your brand and what you have to say about it.

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SEO + SEM = STG (Substantial Traffic Generation)

One of today’s most effective tools for driving customers to your website is Search Engine Marketing. You’ve probably heard the terms “search engine optimization” (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, just two of the components that make up Search Engine Marketing. Following is an overview of Search Engine Optimization, an effective traffic-building technique that starts with laying the groundwork, then tracking outcomes, and updating according to results:

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It’s Still a Blast

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful technologies available to businesses of all types and sizes. Why? Because everyone (well, almost everyone) gets email. Email marketing, if well executed, is an amazingly effective promotional tool. It is cost and time effective, and with recent advances in web analytics, can be targeted to the exact market you are trying to reach.

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Writers Block?

It would be naive to overlook the importance of the written word on your site. Writing powerful web copy isn’t easy and good copy is at the core of making certain that your users will know how to navigate your site as well as get your message, loud and clear.

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Our FREE OFFER to Invest in You
Take a short break and answer a few questions about your website concept. We’ll give you a 30-minute session (at no cost or obligation) to listen to your ideas and give you some expert feedback. Whether it’s a one-time meeting of the minds or a first step towards getting an estimate from us, it doesn’t cost anything to talk. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this offer??

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