Our Videos

There is nothing more compelling than video on a website. People would much rather watch than read. Is a proven fact that video keeps users on your site way longer than the written words. Here’s a wide variety of some of the videos we have created for our clients.


RhythmWave is a theme camp at Burning Man. It was created out of a 6 seconds of video.


This film is called “What matters Most.” A collection of interviews conducted by Tina Benson, M.A..

Showbizzle Intro

StorygemsMedia created this video as a pre-video with credits to all their show content as it explains the show’s concept. Created in After Effects.

ASI Corporate

Asset Strategies is a prominent precious metals dealer.  This is one of 14 films we created for their website.

ASI Testimonial

SM produced this video for ASI to promote a seminar they offer once a year.

ASI Asset Protection

Richard Checkan, Vice President of ASI, talks about Asset Protection. One of 14 films produced by SM for the prominent precious metals dealers.

Delfino Green & Green

SM created a series of videos discussing and describing the ins and outs of personal injury attorneys.